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Welcome everybody to my new pirate ham radio blog. The goal of this blog is to allow discussions to take place for those who dont have a ham licence yet but they do operate outside the ham bands. Everybody is invited licensed or non licensed although i think many ham operators will disapprove what we do.

I am Greek by the way. I am 20 years old and i dont have a licence yet. Due to university i didnt get a chance to take the exams for a ham licence although i paid twice the fees for the tests.
I do operate though illegally outside the ham bands.
I have full knowledge that this is illegal and that is a "bad" thing to do. But hey... i am not bothering anyone and i fully respect ham operators and their rights as well non licensed operators. Never bothered anyone never will.
Every one should respect each other.

Please feel free to comment on anything

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'll be listening to 6.710

for the next 12 hours. Hope to hear some activity.
Until 09.00 GMT 14/Feb/2010

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  1. Δεν εχω δυστηχως σταθμο, αλλα ακουω ανελλιπως 6,710 συχνοτητα, οπως φυσικα και 3,500.